Amateur Hour's Over--We're Moving From

Everybody hates moving.  Unless they live in a total
craphole.  Thus, we're leavin'  Good riddance.
Dearly treasured viewers,

I'm sure you all were victims of the incredibly poor sound quality of our interview with Alia Janine.

Attempts to correct the problem in the future were met with shoulder shrugs and puzzled responses from In fact, they didn't even answer my question about it.

Also, you fine people--and I thank you so very much--got The Tom Gulley Show 100 likes in less than ten days. So that we could receive the benefits which Vokle's gigantic "GO LIVE ON FACEBOOK!" headers so insistently beg us all to do.

When I tried to receive these benefits? "We're coming up with a new Facebook app in the coming weeks.  I'd hold off for that."

WHAT???? Your site SCREAMS "GO LIVE ON FACEBOOK!" And you're telling people wait a few weeks? Yeah, that's internet best practices. Glad my viewers all made it happend--because YOU ALL ARE INCREDIBLE--in ten days.

THE TRUTH IS THAT VOKLE DISABLED MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT ANY WARNING AND SOME OF MY MATERIAL REMAINS ON THEIR SITE.  Think of that when you think of doing a show there. Oh, and feel free to email them about the fairness of this.  Who did the work?  Who banded together and supported my show to get the likes necessary?  Think of Jay Silver, MaKey MaKey genius whose awesome interview Monday thrilled you and thrilled me.  Interview?  GONE.

Even after I told them I'd be leaving Friday to make sure and fulfill commitments to upcoming guests.

So, in short, amateur hour is over. To be honest, a page totally inhabited with nothing but teenage morons using it as Skype? Probably not the best place for anyone wanting to be taken seriously. As the technical support and quality of service would suggest at

In the end, it was a very simple decision. Can I expect my listeners and guests to deal with anything less than the best production value possible? No. You all hear how much time and effort goes into the promos, commercials and the rest. Unacceptable.

Guests without an interview they can use elsewhere. And which has them looking and sounding amateur. Viewers who can't just get good audio. Shocking.

I won't even get into the divulging of my physical location which, as always, results in harassment.

But don't worry. Tune in at the appointed time, 6am EDT, Monday morning. RIGHT HERE.

We'll have a SPECIAL EDITION of The Daily Nothing. You'll enjoy the emails of Shant Kiraz,

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