The Big Epiphany

The spirit came upon me when I was threatened with
legal action less than 3 hours after putting up a blog.
But we'll get to that epiphany-inducing event later.
There are things we're all good at.

There are things we're all bad at.

Henceforth, no apologies. It's a full-on, you want some-come get some, no prisoners, full court press, happy hand grenades, who cares what the cool kids think, not taking any more crap/lip service, brutally honest, uncompromising, calling it likes I sees it, better do what you said you'd do, relentless, here's the way I heard it, not gonna take it from The Man, what have I got to lose, no more Mr. Nice Guy, opening a whole can of whoop-ass, bring it on, done with appeasing the appeasers, prove me wrong, all night long, won't back down, stupid's not an insult-if you're really stupid it's your description, no holds barred, you wanna play "let's be an a-hole" you should probably play with somebody else, why am I always the bad guy, like it love it or leave it, you think things are bad now just wait, bareknuckle devotion.

The Tom Gulley Show Live! debuts Monday, June 11th.  6am EST Monday-Friday.

The Tom Gulley Show Podcast debuts Sunday, June 17th. gets overhauled...TBA.

Stay tuned right here.  We're just gettin' warmed up.

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