The Tom Gulley Show T-Shirts ARE HERE!!!

This Tom Gulley Show T-Shirt doesn't just proudly say
something about who you are--it helps eradicate every
crawling insect from the face of the planet.
Now, the moment you've all be waiting for!!! Just in time for the holiday gift-giving season! For yourself, or someone you love other than yourself!

Available in the classic retro bowtie version! CLICK THIS LINK!

Or, the extremely popular ALL BUGS MUST DIE version! CLICK THIS LINK!

These high quality shirts are super high-quality ('cause we're classy that way) Gildan pre-shrunk 100% cotton shirts. Double-stitched neckline, sleeve, and bottom hem. They're exquisitely comfortable, because we wouldn't have you wearing anything less.

And they're made by The T-Shirt Conspiracy. One of the most honored purveyors of T-Shirts in the time-honored lineage of T-Shirt craftsmen.

GET ONE TODAY!!! Share this link with a friend, PLEASE!!! The proceeds go to an excellent cause--keeping Tom from living under a bridge out on the bypass!

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