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OK, we all saw what Richard Sherman did in the postgame interview with Erin Andrews.

Nobody's saying he's not an incredible player. He is.

Nobody's saying he didn't make an incredible play. He did.

Nobody's saying he didn't have every right in the world to say and do what he did following the win. He had EVERY right in the world to taunt the opposing team with the choke symbol, and to use his postgame interview to downgrade another player, rather than praise his team.

But if you wonder why so many people have a problem with Richard Sherman, I will explain it for you.


Now, if you have no regard for class or sportsmanship, you can stop reading. This won't make a dent. The choke symbol, the demeaning another player after the game? Won't make a blip for you.

There are, however, people in the world that can spot class and sportsmanship a mile away. Richard Sherman does not possess these qualities, as he has demonstrated time and time again.

A winner? By definition, sure. A tremendous athlete? Without question.

Don't tell me about his degree from Stanford. Don't tell me how super-articulate he is. Anyone who uses the word "appreciate" seven billion times in a post game interview isn't automatically articulate. Certainly, next to his postgame demeanor, ANYTHING would seem articulate.

So put your minds at ease. It's very simple. Those who don't like Richard Sherman are reacting to his obvious lack of class and sportsmanship.

If you don't recognize those things, you WANT a world of choke symbols and bizarre, screamed post game insult sessions. After arguably one of the best games ever, THAT'S what we're rewarded with.

Glad I could clear things up for you.

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