The Mark Allen Atwood Holiday PsychoPosting Album

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Remember the five-times married guy that PsychoTexted me back in '12? Mark Allan Atwood?

Well, he's back at it, only this time he's even more unhinged.

A friend sent me DOZENS of screenshots--unaddressed, unresponded to, frothing at the mouth, raging about coming to my house and tracking me down, kicking my ass, and other extremely serious threats you might have heard in 6th grade.

To the tune of over 50. And I didn't address the guy or respond ONE TIME.

Sound like a well-balanced brain? You won't think so after reading his postings. They scream out "This guy needs help." And not the "throw a benefit for him so he can keep himself and his kid off the street" help he's used to.

Here's how to get the photos:

1. Make sure you're logged into Facebook.


3. Then, click on any photo you'd like.

4. At the bottom of the photo, click "Options."

5. One of the options is "Download." Click it and you've downloaded a pic!

6. If the mood strikes you, LIKE The Tom Gulley Show on your way out.
(It doesn't cost anything.)


  1. Hey, this dude is a man who can pyscho-communicate in both text and post. What can't this man do?
    Well, it turns out a lot of things that are important.
    1) keep his commitment to appear
    2) own up when he screws up
    3) communicate in a civil manner
    4) not bring in others to psycho text

    Well, that's just four off the top of my head that would get this man back into the mainstream of society. I would add more but he's probably off aiming pyscho-texts right now at some poor City Light Schmo who just shut off this dude's electricity for non payment.

  2. LOL! Johnny, you don't know the half of it. He's a loon, alright. And I've been NICE so far. I could just email the link to every club in Texas, for starters...

    Thanks AS ALWAYS for your support!


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