The Girls Versus Trolls Episode

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The lovely Allison Grace joins the show for the first time, as she and our very good internet friend Rebekah Herzberg discuss the history of harassment they've received from some VERY weird, very out of line internet trolls.

We'll have plenty of talk about a guy who actually is claiming to have worked on the script for Star Trek 2 and 3. And a women who got mad at her boyfriend, destroyed her kitchen, then videotaped it and put it on YouTube.

Plus, Tom'll talk about HIS internet stalkers--ahead of a gigantic podcast about them next week.

It's a really koo-koo for Coco Puffs episode.

Just listen via the convenient player below, or click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment via your iPod or media player of choice.


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