Farewell, Jan Van Beveren 1948-2011

It is with indescribable sadness that I write of the passing of Jan Van Beveren.

My idol, my hero, and my friend in soccer.

I worshipped this man as a teenager. And, thanks to Dave Michaels, it was my honor to interview him, and to speak with him, and to email with him.

My shock today when I reached out to call him--for another interview--and found out he had passed away almost a year ago.

I regret all the times I didn't pick up the phone or jot down an email.

This was an incredible person. I have one interview with him stowed away somewhere. I'll find it one day, and share it with the world. He would talk about soccer forever. I'm so happy I got to tell him just how much he made a difference in my life. How he added to the joys the beautiful game gives me every single day.

We will miss him forever. And we will see him soon.

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