The James McEachin Interview

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James McEachin is a guest we're honored to have for Veteran's Day.

Because even though this acclaimed actor has appeared in over 150 television programs & motion pictures alongside Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Bette Davis, and Henry Fonda--he lists his military service as his proudest achievement.

And his story of service is truly unique. Severely wounded in Korea, he'll tell the story of receiving a Purple Heart and Silver Star some fifty years later. And, he'll tell how that story influenced his incredible new film project, The Purple Heart.

He even shares a few readings from the screenplay for the film. One listen, and there'll be no doubt Mr. James McEachin has major acting skills.

His appearances include Hawaii Five-O, The Rockford Files, Mannix, All In The Family, Dragnet, Adam-12, Tenafly, Play Misty For Me, Sudden Impact, and those are just a very few. (And we'll also discuss his record producing career, including working with a young Otis Redding.)

We'll talk about the distinguished military service and acting career of James McEachin on this very special Veteran's Day episode.

Just listen via the convenient player below, or right click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.


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