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The Jack Kirby Xeroxes Podcast

Greg Theakston Jack Kirby Xeroxes The Jack Kirby Museum Rand Hoppe
Ever loan somebody something and tell them in no uncertain terms that you'll need it back? Then they insist you GAVE it to them?

We all have. Greg Theakston certainly has.

Only in Greg Theakston's case, the stuff in question was thousands of rare Jack Kirby original xeroxes worth up to $200,000. Not exactly a garden rake or tennis racquet.

The Jack Kirby Museum gladly accepted thousands of Greg's items--but now says the xeroxes are THEIRS. Greg insists otherwise, and tells the whole story on tonight's podcast.

Plus, Greg will talk about how he first met Kirby, his working relationship with the legend, and how Kirby might view the current cultural revolution around those characters he created during the birth of Marvel.

It's a bizarre story, well told. In the way that only Greg Theakston can tell it.

Just listen via the convenient player below, or click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.



The 5 Really Great & Rotten Things About The World Cup Article

five great rotten things about the world cup the tom gulley show soccer
Every four years, I willingly admit that I go a little crazy in the head.

When World Cup fever strikes, it takes hold deeply. It is a month of such incredible joy and tragedy, triumph and disaster--it simply can't be measured against anything but the Olympics.

However, as much as I love it, the World Cup also brings with it some baggage. Here are the five very best and very worst things about the World Cup. Starting with the bad news first.

The neophyte fans. Soccer in America has exploded. And I welcome the explosion. But the knowledge base hasn't quite kept up with the growth. So there are a lot--and I mean a LOT--of fans with just enough information to make them dangerous.

I try not to roll my eyes. I try not to point out reality from beyond the last report on ESPN. I try not to suggest that perhaps Gus Johnson isn't the soccer expert they insist he is. But it is not easy. And it is not fun.

The flopping. Believe it or not, soccer fans hate the fake flopping. But, I just saw Dwayne Wade fake being hit in the face in an NBA finals game. And I've seen LeBron do it. And Derek Jeter. And I could go on.

Truth is that athletes go for whatever advantage they can get. Soccer has clamped down on it, but since there are Italians and Argentines in the tournament, don't expect to see it stop any time soon.

The villainy. Every World Cup has the bad guys. The evil ones that don't get caught. Or that bring the game into disrepute with cynical fouls or other unsavory behavior.

There's sure to be some at this World Cup, just like all the others. I already know they'll frustrate me beyond belief--and I hate them for it. In advance.

The force-feeding of local culture. Ever want to be bombarded beyond reason with Brazilian culture? Get ready. I'm sure we'll be pounded to death with it like we were in South Africa.

A little local flavor? I'm all for it. Understanding the local diet? Um...isn't there a highlight or a match I could enjoy? Do I HAVE to watch Julie Foudy doing ANYTHING, much less learning how people in Rio de Janiero chew things?

The Group Of Death. On the day of the draw, gloom and doom resonated throughout the US fan base. Ghana, Portugal, and Germany. Arguably the toughest group of the draw. Almost universally, it was predicted that the US wouldn't make it out of the group stage.

Let's face it. The draw sucks. Things do not look easy.

Oh, but don't worry. There are plenty of things to love about the World Cup, too.

The upsets. The World Cup, like the NCAA basketball tournament, is living proof that on one day any team can beat another. No one knows what shockers the next World Cup holds, but we know one thing.

A slew of mindbending, unthinkable results await us all.

The final group stage matches. The mathematics. The timing of all the group matches finishing at the same time. The last second goals sending teams into the knockout round--a la Landon Donovan in 2010--is an on-the-run thrill ride as results from the various matches flow in.

Teams needing to advance throw themselves into an all out attack. Teams needing to draw just bunker in and absorb the attack. Legs tire at the end of a three match group stage. The unpredictable becomes commonplace.

Then, the whole thing just gets amped up during the knockout rounds.

The breakout stars. At some point during the World Cup, some coach is going to turn to some player and hope for some inspiration. Maybe he's seen something in practice. Maybe the kid is just hitting form. Or, maybe the player is a veteran who rises to the occasion.

Whoever they are, their moment on the world stage, no matter how fleeting, can make them national heroes and global idols in mere days.

The defining moments. Tardelli running and grabbing his badge. Pele jumping into his teammates' arms. Geoff Hurst scoring against Germany. Maradona cutting England to ribbons.

The World Cup was made for big moments. And it offers up a solid month of them.

Yes, The Group Of Death. If the US wants to be a real live, true blue, genuine soccer nation, it's time to put our big boy pants on and act like it.

Nobody ever said the World Cup was supposed to be easy or fair. Getting a bad draw is part of the process. Will it be easy to get out of the group stage? No. Is it impossible? Far from it.

Ghana is the World Cup. Win, and things get possible. Lose, and you have a mountain to climb. They are good and fast and big, but they are getting a little older with their key players. A tossup.

Portugal is showing signs of weakness, and Ronaldo isn't 100%. They're also getting longer in the tooth. A draw would be an outstanding result.

Germany would be the last match, and if they've qualified already they've always rested key players. Which could be an opening for the US.

Pollyanna? Maybe. But within the realm of possibility. I don't know about you, but I'm going to enjoy the Group Of Death till it kills me.

If you're one of those fans who only watches soccer during the World Cup, welcome back. If you're just learning the sport, be patient. It's not baseball or football. And if you're one of those with the fever already coursing through your veins, get ready.

It's going to be one hot summer in Brazil.


The Explaining No Landon Donovan Article

landon donovan usmnt 2014 world cup the tom gulley show cut jurgen klinsmann
United States soccer. Oh, how far we've come.

And, oh, how far we have yet to go. As evidenced by the gloom, doom, outrage, and incredulity espoused by many American soccer fans at the exclusion of Landon Donovan from the final World Cup roster for Brazil.

But that's OK. I'm going to explain why it makes sense.

Never Let A German Question Your Commitment OR You Want A Sabbatical, You Got A Sabbatical. Jurgen Klinsmann isn't just the coach of the US National Team. He's a World Cup winner, a Euro Championship winner, a UEFA Cup winner, and one of the deadliest strikers in history--as a player.

As a manager? He's helmed Germany and Bayern Munich.

When Landon Donovan took his now-famous "sabbatical" from soccer during World Cup qualifications, it demonstrated a terrible lapse in judgement. When your coach is a German legend, COMMITMENT and devotion is paramount.

In Germany--and in Europe--team and nation come first. When you decide to take a four month trip to Cambodia rather than wear your nation's jersey, it's a slap in the face. It doesn't just bring into question a player's commitment. It defines a lack of it.

Jurgen Klinsmann, like any good German soccer legend, wants 23 players who would walk through fire and razor blades to represent their country. Landon Donovan very clearly decided his time was better spent elsewhere.

Now Mr. Klinsmann has afforded him the opportunity to enjoy just that.

You Wanna Play In A World Cup? Better Get Your Mind Right, Boy. Again, people from storied soccer nations believe that playing soccer should be a devouring, all-encompassing devotion. The road to the top is incredibly difficult, and it takes just that kind of devotion to make it to a national team.

And, as with most pro sports, it's the MENTAL toughness that separates the wheat from the chaff. Sadly, Landon Donovan has had a few episodes of not demonstrating mental toughness during his career.

The Bayer Leverkusen debacle had Donovan unable to acclimate to German culture and training. So he came back. He trained with Bayern Munich--getting into a handful of friendlies. They declined to extend his loan. Has to be a reason.

Then, the "sabbatical" happens. Although it's not like he quit the game altogether, Donovan has a track record of taking the easy way--MLS rather than playing in a European first division, for example.

Clint Dempsey left MLS for the EPL as soon as possible and fought like a bulldog to gain, then keep, his spot. Even through difficult times and several managerial changes.

Donovan simply has not challenged himself to play against the highest level competition possible. And he could have. But when the going got tough, Landon Donovan sought out an easier path.

If You're Not Tough, That's Just Tough. As a forward, Donovan isn't required to "thug up" on opposing players, but many have observed that he shies away from physical play.

The US will be facing Germany (Physical? Oh, yes.), Ghana (Physical? Check.), and Portugal (Also physical.) If a coach thinks you'll be a liability against such opposition from a physical standpoint--and Landon himself admits he can't go all out, all the time--you're not going to Brazil.

It's A Young Man's Game. Klinsmann's selections for the final 23 revealed a preference for youth. Certainly, there are veterans and older players like Howard (goalkeepers are longer in the tooth), Dempsey, and Wondolowski.

But this team features a whole lot of players with a whole lot of no major US national team--certainly not World Cup--experience.

However, at the last World Cup, the German team's average age was 22. And lest we forget, Landon Donovan was a 20 year-old in 2002.

Now? He's a 32 year-old with a recovering knee who has admitted he can't go all out, all the time.

Klinsmann has decided that "long in tooth" experienced is less desirable than youth and all it brings with it. Personally, our talent pool is such that we need to start abandoning age and guile for "the lads" who don't know what they can't do yet.

Whether Klinsmann was right will play itself out in Brazil. But on this issue, Donovan may be a victim of the same inspiration of youth he himself displayed in 2002.

If You Want To Play Against The Best, You Better Be Playing Your Best. Donovan's current form in MLS is atrocious. He is NOT in form, and Klinsmann has many times said that if you want to play for the US National team, you better be in form and performing well for your club side.

Donovan? In 7 full MLS matches this year, he has 0 goals, 2 assists, and only 6 shots on goal. Not exactly burning down the house.

It's 2014. Not 2002. We've Got Options. The acceleration of US soccer talent in the last 12 years has been, by any standard, impressive.

Unlike when Donovan broke into the 2002 World Cup, the US has a lot more depth and a lot more options.

Klinsmann said he was considering Donovan as a forward. So, he's out of form, can't go all out, and doesn't have the speed he used to. Wondolowski has been in form. Altidore, while not scoring, is big and physical. And, he's been playing against FAR more challenging competition the majority of his career.

There are options. Donovan just doesn't stack up in too many areas.

Plus, "was" the best player is a long way from "is" the best player.

If You Want Athletes To Get The Message, You've Got To Send A Message. From my own experience--and from discussing it with athletes of all sports and levels--only two things will motivate professional athletes.

1. Money.
2. Playing time.

The money issue is off the table here (although you can make a lot more with a good WC performance) but playing time? If I'm one of the US player pool right now, I'm checking myself BIGTIME. Because if Klinsmann is willing to cut Landon Donovan, no one is sacred.

PERFORMANCE and EFFORT are sacred. The notion that you're giving your all, all the time is sacred.

Klinsmann did US soccer a favor. Give everything, all the time, or go home. It's not that Donovan was a slacker. He's not. But he planted a seed of doubt. And that's unacceptable to someone who played a career with and for people who had no place for it.

The word is out. You better bring all you got, all the time, or Klinsmann will cut you without a second's thought. Some might think that's unfair. Or unproductive.

Others, like myself, call it a higher standard. And we're glad the message has been sent.

Get Out Your Pitchforks And Torches. Landon Donovan Is NOT The Best Soccer Player In US History. Best scorer? Yes. Without question. Certainly.

But best PLAYER? I beg to differ. Tab Ramos was voted CONCACAF Player Of The Year. Donovan? No. Claudio Reyna RAN several top European clubs and broke all sorts of ground from the midfield.

And truthfully, the best US soccer players of all time are all GOALKEEPERS. Certainly, that doesn't count in the minds of many fans, but it's the truth.

Has there ever been a US player who has been as prized by their EUROPEAN club side as Kasey Keller, Brad Friedel, and Tim Howard? No. Friedel and Howard were both PFA Team Of The Year selections. Keller played in England, Germany, and Spain.

Then there's Clint Dempsey. Maybe Michael Bradley can start laying claim, but Dempsey is our best player. Tough, smart, a leader, and finds a way to score no matter how. He also chose to challenge himself and fight for a spot at Fulham through a lot of adversity. The Man From Nacogdoches plays the game with a chip on his shoulder. He does the dirty work that allows Donovan to run in that open space--which is his strong suit.

All That Said, Let's Not Forget. Even though Landon Donovan isn't going to Brazil, and he may not be our greatest player ever (or at present), Landon Donovan has always been a tremendous servant to the sport in this country and it will be sad to see him go.

The Donovan of 2002 was inspired. The Donovan of 2010 was gritty, explosive, and inspirational. And, without question, his exclusion was hard luck. Keeping him in the side would never have been questioned.

In the final analysis, Landon Donovan will always be a legendary figure in US soccer, and we should all tip our cap to a job well done, and honor his service. Along with all those firecracker goals.

Even if he's not going to Brazil.

Tom Gulley (recipient of the David Letterman Scholarship) is an award-winning writer, broadcaster, and journalist who regularly creates brilliant communications for some of the world’s biggest companies. Especially the ones you admire. He’s available for writing, creative strategy, digital communications, talk show hosting, voice talent work, kid’s birthday parties, and free 24-hour Martinizing. And his name never fails to get a big laugh when mentioned in small groups at parties.


The Best Of TGS Volume II Podcast

best of the tom gulley show volume ii ed robertson maverick legend of the west chris gore celebrities poop film threat magazine
Yes, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. We've scraped up the entrails from the slaughterhouse floor and fashioned together another Best Of edition.

And we didn't spare the quality. We start by talking with independent film icon Chris Gore about The Pocket Beer©, Film Threat Magazine, and Angelina Jolie. He's done everything under the sun in the film business, and we talk about that, too.

Then, we discuss The Andy Griffith Show, Maverick & James Garner, along with the late great Efrem Zimbalist, Jr--with illustrious television journalist, and host of TV Confidential, Ed Robertson.

Just soak up all The Best Of glory with the convenient player below, or click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.



The Greg Milliken Data Breach Chicken Nuggets Podcast

greg milliken m-files vice president of marketing gartner pcc the tom gulley show podcast passive racism
Not much to say here. Just listen. Or read the Donald Sterling apologist quotes, courtesy of Greg Milliken, in this article.

You'll hear about a guy who champions a concept called "passive racism." (Of which we all know there's no such thing.) He also can get cranky when his chicken "nuggies" don't get done fast enough after he's been drinking too much.

Of course, that's when he's not calling the phone number of people who report his behavior to his company. Even after they repeatedly insist he should NOT be given the number.

And, there's phone call audio here, too.

Learn about Greg Milliken of a classy data-shaky company called M-Files. Who I'm sure won't see the need for sensitivity training or at least some new office policies about sensitive data like phone numbers being given out.

Just listen via the convenient player below, or click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.


greg milliken m-files vice president passive racism the tom gulley show donald sterling


The Greg Milliken: Donald Sterling Apologist Article

greg milliken vice president of marketing m-files the tom gulley show donald sterling passive racism
So I run into this virulent racism apologist. And, as usual, you're not going to believe this.

Did you ever think someone would come out, indicating that Donald Sterling is getting a raw deal?

Did you ever think, at the height of this story, someone would say, "His words didn't hurt anyone...". Or that Donald's actions would spur someone to call out the NAACP as being hypocritical?

Unbelievable, but true. Just wait till you scroll down and see the actual quotes. Or listen to the podcast if you don't like to read.

Oh, we'll go on to much more, as we learn about Greg Milliken, Vice President of MARKETING (yeah, this guy knows how to protect the brand, doesn't he?) for a company called M-Files. A company, you will learn, that divulged to Mr. Milliken my personal information, even though I EXPRESSLY told them, for reasons below, that I did not want him having it under any circumstances.

Think about that, data security types.

This company does business with Microsoft, Salesforce CRM, Canon, Fujitsu, Epson, Panasonic, and Kodak, amongst others.

Now, while most people think the racist ramblings and viewpoints of Donald Sterling should be treated with scorn and zero tolerance, Mr. Greg Milliken begs to differ. In fact, the only group he really calls out is the NAACP.

If that doesn't tell you something, nothing will.

Before we get down to Mr. Milliken's fine thinking, two points of parliamentary procedure. First, Mr. Milliken INVITED me to do an article and a podcast and anything else I want. "Give it your best" is his quote. Said I was "powerless." We shall see when I speak with the local chapter of the NAACP tomorrow.

Second, when I called M-Files? I made it expressly clear to the people there that I DID NOT WANT MR. MILLIKEN HAVING MY PHONE NUMBER.

I guess the integrity of M-Files is also quite sterling. Think about this, people with "allegedly" secure files with that company: MR. MILLIKEN NOT ONLY WAS GIVEN MY NUMBER, HE CHOSE TO CALL IT. Even though I expressed in three calls (which I have recorded) and an email that I did not want this man having my number.

In short, their company couldn't respond AT ALL. But they had no problem giving Mr. Milliken my home phone number. And he, even though I had EXPRESSLY forbidden the number to be shared with him, decided it would be smart to call.

I'll be sharing that phone call--and his pride in the following words--quite shortly. (He was TOLD, as you will hear, that he was being recorded. And you won't BELIEVE his pride in the following quotes.)


"His words did not hurt anyone..."

"If he was out publicly shouting this on a street corner or writing public letters, or giving interviews, whatever, that would be a different story, but to take a recording of this guy speaking to his girlfriend that was stolen without his knowledge is bullshit."

"My point is that if he was very racist in private, but gave money and took actions that would lead the NCAAP to give him an award, don't actions amount to more than a stolen private recording?"

"What total PC crap." (Yes, he believes Donald Sterling is the victim of political correctness. I couldn't believe it, either.)

"You are letting your personal opinions of this guy cloud your judgement, and given your strident opinion that the American public has spoken, it is likely that you will be outed for some bigoted opinion soon." (Again, I know it's hard to believe, but the guy who thinks Donald Sterling got a raw deal is calling people who object to that notion bigots. And, sorry my personal opinion features that pesky zero tolerance for racism.)

"But it seemed to be passive racism to me." (Yeah the passive kind that gets around $8 million in judgements against him from the US Department of Justice. LIFE HINT FOR GREG MILLIKEN: There is no such thing as passive racism.)

"So in one case he felt/said and in the other he "did." Which has more weight?" (This guy wants a world where racists can thrive behind donations, but in actions elsewhere, or everywhere, they can implement their racist views.)

"If this is about losing money, then so be it, and good for the NBA, but I in my opinion I don't think that's what this is about." (So if they kick him out because they're losing money, super! But he's not happy with the fact that he's being kicked out for his racist views. And he sees no connection to the two.)

After claiming that the NBA should be boycotted, not for Sterling's racist remarks, but for not allowing Sterling to remain, he claims, "Of course, that's not coming, we've got Sterling to blame! The NBA is as hypocritical as the NAACP..." (As Mr. Milliken says in the recorded conversation, "My words speak for themselves.")

Now, M-Files received my messages that this behavior was going on. They were EXPRESSLY told that I did not want this man having my phone number. They didn't respond. BUT THEY GAVE HIM MY NUMBER. And even though I expressly indicated to the company I did not want this man having my phone number, they passed it along AND HE ACTUALLY CALLED ME.

Again, folks wanting secure information in the cloud? M-Files allowed this man to have my phone number EVEN after they knew I had collected these remarks and therefore did not want him to have it. Certainly not to call me.

Classy folks, right? Aiding and abetting a Donald Sterling apologist, and someone who openly calls the NAACP "hypocritical" on this issue.

If you were in marketing, would you think it would be a good idea to:

1. Make the statements above?
2. At this point in the controversy?
3. Call out only one organization--the NAACP--and accuse them of being hypocritical?
4. Give out a phone number that you expressly stated you did not want Greg Milliken to have? (Again, think about that, cybersecurity clients and partners of M-Files.)
5. To then CALL the number of the person that EXPRESSLY INDICATED they did not want you to have the number?

I guess once you start apologizing for Donald Sterling and indicating he got a raw deal, there's nothing you won't stoop to.

Podcast, YouTube, twitter, reddit to follow. In the podcast, you'll hear me leave my messages, which I recorded, to M-Files. Each ended with an "I do NOT want my phone number in the hands of Mr. Milliken under any circumstances" communication that was clear and unvarnished.

You'll also hear Mr. Milliken express pride in his words. And the confidence that no one would have a problem with them. You be the judge.

Mr. Milliken champions the most sinister sort of racism there is. The kind people hide but act upon. And boy, oh boy, is he sore about Donald Sterling getting a raw deal.

P.S. Just for background, here are a couple more of Mr. Sterling's fine brain output.

"If someone doesn't give you nuggets when you want them, and you are drunk and need your nuggies, and it is late, and plus they just piss you off because even if their face doesn't show it you know they are laughing inside that you can't have your nuggies, do they deserve to be beaten?"

"Gutfeld proposes opening a flamboyant gay bar next to the mosque near Ground Zero, in the interest of tolerance, of course. As Gutfeld goes on to relay in the subsequent post, it looks like tolerance and dialogue is a one-way street in this craven attempt to flame divisions under the guise of tolerance. If one can't stop them from building their mosque legally, then it is best to treat this group to a legal response that will personally expose these mosque-goers to a daily opportunity to show the tolerance they claim to seek so dearly."

And this is the guy that accuses me of being a racist. And baiting people. Hypocrite much? Racism, my friends, is alive and well--and will flourish as long as people like Greg Milliken are around to grouse about the way the racist is exposed and dismissed.

Wonder what the hiring practices might be like at a place where a guy thinks there's a thing called "passive racism"? A place that gives out private phone numbers when expressly told NOT to three times? I wonder.

And why not check out Grease Monkey? Based upon the life of Herschel Gulley, my grandfather, who handed down to us all an unwavering belief in equality.

The Second Ultimate David Letterman Article

dr darrell wible ball state university broadcasting professor david letterman
This article, of course, is about David Letterman.

But it at once has very little yet everything to do with Mr. Letterman.

It's about Dave, myself, and 25 years of Ball State broadcasting students who were lucky beyond belief to have been educated by a gentleman of the highest ethics and purpose.

It's about how a generation of students were inspired by a man's time, commitment, effort, and unyielding dedication to his principles in educating others.

"I was barely a ‘C’ student at Ball State in the 1960s, with nothing productive going on at all, when I met Professor Wible. He became a mentor, and he introduced me to the world of broadcasting in a way that changed my life. He helped a poor student find a path, and that was the kind of guy he was."
—David Letterman

It's about the unforgettable Dr. Darrell Wible.

I remember my very first interaction with Dr. Wible. Certainly, I'd seen him roaming the halls--always with a suit jacket, tie, in a determined gait with a stack of papers under his arm. Except in warm weather when the jacket remained on the chair in his office and he sported a short sleeved dress shirt.

And murmurings from other students bespoke a gruff, unforgiving taskmaster who would delight in trampling your slightest of errors. Pretty much our John Houseman in the Paper Chase of what was then called the Radio, Television, and Motion Pictures department.

Nothing could have been further from the truth. This was simply a man of standards. An educator, not a teacher, he would tell you. A man that was laser-beam focused on the students. "Everything for the students" was his credo.

And when Dr. Wible had a credo, it wasn't just for show.

My initial baptism to this notion began SECONDS into my first class with Dr. Wible. Broadcast Law. The toughest class in the curriculum.

Dr. Wible strode into the room, placed his papers upon the lecturn, and the instant the bell went off, he went over to the door as I would see him do every single day, to shut it. And lock it.

He passed out the syllabus, and began going over the requirements of the class--and we'll get to that part later. About a minute into the class, a timid knock came at the door.

Dr. Wible went to do the door and opened it. "Yes?" he said in that direct manner of his. "I'm...um...in this class," a girl said timidly from the cracked door.

The door swung open, the girl entered and embarrassingly rushed to her seat. "Your NAME, young lady?" Dr. Wible had already taken role, you see.

The girl offered up, "Jane Smith." (Name changed to protect the innocent.)

"Well, Ms. Smith, you're late for contract day. The very first day of class. This is when I tell you what is to be expected of you, and how you may achieve success in this course. This is broadcasting, young lady, and there is no room for lateness in broadcasting. Do not let it happen again, without exceptionally good reason, or it could cost you a letter grade."

The room fell silent. Well, it was silent before that, but the silence now was mate and master to everyone's thoughts. However, my heart was leaping.

I had long had a chip on my shoulder about my fellow classmates. In that time, the academic standards were far lower than nowadays (thankfully for me) and there were a lot of students in the program for laughs. Fun. And so was I. But I was also there to be challenged. To learn things I did not know. And the man in front of me was now wearing a gigantic sign that said, "I will challenge you to be your best every second of every day."

This was an educator for me.

Because for some reason, I have always responded well to people with standards they could elucidate and demand compliance with. Never have I had more pleasure being challenged than by Dr. Darrell Wible.

Example: Some particulars of Dr. Wible's classes? EVERY day you came to his class, you were required to know EVERYTHING you had covered since day one of the course. And how, pray tell, would he hold you to this standard?

Pop tests. Any time, any day, on any subject. Oh, and did I mention he actually required you to SPELL properly? Yes. You could--and students I know did--get a negative score on a test if you didn't know the material and couldn't spell.

Normally a huge wiseacre in BSU RTM classes (apologies to Wes Gehring and Nancy Carlson), in Dr. Wible's I was silent as a church mouse unless called upon. I came to class prepared. I approached the course like Dr. Wible did--in a professional, businesslike manner with a specific purpose.

But that did not mean Dr. Wible didn't give me sleepless nights. He didn't stop once the bar was met. Far from it. He'd brace me in the hall.

"You and I know you're doing well in my class. But what are you going to do, today, to prepare yourself for your career when you leave here? What are you doing? I want you to come up with a plan and get back to me next week."

Then for the next week, whenever I passed him in the hallway, I'd get a brief glance and, "How's that plan coming along?" I'm thinking, "I'm getting a PERFECT SCORE right now in Broadcast Law and this guy won't let up. I'll show HIM..."

So I came up with a plan to be an advertising writer. (Rotten idea, but at least I had a plan.) Even before I won The Letterman, it was Dr. Wible who encouraged me to apply for the Production Manager position at WOKZ-FM. I didn't think I stood a chance. I'd been on the air before, I'd written and produced commercials before, but I never thought I could do it while still in college and get paid for it.

I took my meager demo on cassette tape and some scripts into Dr. Wible's office. "Pitch me. You've got five minutes." So I pitched like Goose Gossage for the five minutes. At the end, he said, "You did an A+ quality pitch, but you get an F because you forgot one thing."

"What one thing???!?!"

"You forgot to ask for the order, Tom. You didn't say, 'I am qualified, talented, and I want this job. What can I do to convince you to hire me right now?'"

Suffice it to say that I have never forgotten to ask for the order since.

Twenty-four hours later, the manager of the station leaned over and turned off the cassette tape while I was playing the demo, after the pitch.

"I've heard enough. You've got the job." I couldn't believe it. But the manager went on.

"This is the most creative demo I've heard in a long time." I was THRILLED. "And, Dr. Darrell Wible called over here yesterday and gave you his highest endorsement. So you pretty much had the job before you got here."

You see, unbeknownst to me, the station manager had also been a student of Dr. Darrell Wible.

He was instrumental in the establishment of the David Letterman Scholarship, and when Dr. Wible shook my hand after winning, it meant the world. Far more than glad-handing, it felt like I accomplished something.

I won't get into the 6,000 programs he broadcasted. The years he spent handling a turn in the Indianapolis 500 broadcasts. Or even that no-hitter he pitched for Coach John Wooden while at Indiana State.

Over the years, I'd visit Ball State and get to speak with Dr. Wible as not a peer, still a student, but with a different dynamic. His role was more of a professional advisor and he didn't spare the horses on his viewpoint.

All during my life, in times of doubt, all I have ever had to do is imagine looking at my world through the eyes of Dr. Darrell Wible, and the solutions seem very simple.

Have integrity, use intelligence, pursue your goals openly and deliberately, and spend less time maneuvering, more time accomplishing.

I could write for a week on Dr. Wible. When I last attended Alumni Day at BSU, those of my era shared so many stories of him. Each one punctuated with a precept or practice handed down by him that shaped their career.

Dr. Darrell Wible left this world August 4, 2013, and my unspeakable sadness was only lifted by the thought that he was likely giving St. Peter a lecture on his posture or vocal tone at the gates of heaven. 

As we've all learned over the last few years, I certainly can't speak for Dave--but I wouldn't be where I am, I wouldn't have done the things I've done, and I wouldn't have the perspective necessary to evaluate any of them had I not had the amazingly good fortune to meet an unmistakably amazing person named Dr. Darrell Wible.

Tom Gulley (recipient of the David Letterman Scholarship) is an award-winning writer, broadcaster, and journalist who regularly creates brilliant communications for some of the world’s biggest companies. Especially the ones you admire. He’s available for writing, creative strategy, digital communications, talk show hosting, voice talent work, kid’s birthday parties, and free 24-hour Martinizing. And his name never fails to get a big laugh when mentioned in small groups at parties.


The Donald Sterling Interview Podcast

donald sterling los angeles clippers racist banned NBA for life tmz
We've all heard the incredibly racist remarks of Donald Sterling. And, the NBA has justifiably reacted with a lifetime ban, along with a $2.5 million fine.

And that's just for his haircut.

Naturally, only The Tom Gulley Show could have sequestered a BLOCKBUSTER interview with Mr. Sterling.

In this frank and sometimes contentious podcast, Tom will query the celebrated bigot on his recent remarks, his ban, heckling his own team, and his girlfriend.

Just listen via the convenient player below, or click this link right here to do the "Save As" thing and download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.



The RCW139 Due South Podcast

What's the deal? Tom's favorite show is a 20 year-old Canadian TV program? A likely story.

But it's true. You can tell by just his body language. Tom's very favorite TV show EVER is Due South.

Doubt it? Think he belongs in an asylum? Let's flashback to 1994 when Due South was born. It's a uniquely inspired (Paul Haggis created the show) story of a mountie who first comes to Chicago on the trail of the killers of his father and, for reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture, he remained, attached as liason to the Canadian consulate.

And, you must remember this--Stephane Racle joins us to bear witness to all things Due South as he talks about organizing RCW139: 2014. That's where Duesers (fans of Due South) will assemble in Toronto and turn the Marriott into an asylum of perfect strangers (and friends) who'll move heaven and earth to satisfy their craving for all things Constable Benton Fraser.

But seeing is believing. That's why--at the bottom--there's some YouTube clips of a show that beat all the odds and broke all the rules, but never the promise of its incredible heart. No need to go on a manhunt. There's a mini-vault of them below the podcast. Watch 'em. You'll find it's good for the soul.

So, sit back, and join the wild bunch that can't get enough of DUE SOUTH.

Just listen via the convenient player below, or click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.


And we thank you, kindly.


The David Austin File Podcast & Article

David Kelly Austin Tom Gulley Show wanted warrants prowling loitering probation violation Georgia Newton Oxford Covington
David Kelly Austin is WANTED. There are warrants out for him. For breaking his probation on charges of prowling and loitering--amongst other things.

So, if you see the guy that thought it would be a good idea to post on the internet that I'm a pedophile? Accuse me of stalking little kids? Who used my profile pic instead of his own? Posted pics of my family? Made a veiled suggestion that he'd contact my mother and indicate I'm a stalker?

Yeah. The police want him.

But first, since Mr. Austin likes to contact my web hosting partners and threaten them with legal action, in addition to demanding a cease and desist, here's the law enforcement offices you can call to verify this:
Newton County Sheriff's Department
678 625 1400

Covington Police Department
770 786 7605

Oxford Police Department
770 788 1390

Incidentally, my web hosting folks are really awesome. And smart. All I had to do was forward all this information to them and they realized what was going on here. Thank you, Podbean! BEST web hosting service on earth!

HERE is an album on Facebook that will illuminate IN HIS OWN WORDS how this person rolls. Well, the mug shot thing isn't in his own words DIRECTLY, but he did write the script, didn't he?

Oh, and look here! It's a podcast! Thanks to our followers in Australia who wrote The Tom Gulley Song at the end. WE LOVE IT. It's a beastly thing.

In short, we're not big fans of cybertrolling. Say all you want, just don't lie, don't spam my email box, and don't threaten to harass my family. My teeth, hair, and lots of other stuff are fair game. Behavior like in the photo album results in Cybertroll Kryptonite©.

Just listen via the convenient player below, or click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.


The Gary Hart Throwback Podcast

Senator Gary Hart durango hunter s thompson iowa caucus mcgovern 2012 elections
Former US senator Gary Hart is one of the world's most learned experts on the subject of foreign policy, a legendary political strategist, and a passionate defender of our natural resources.

Not to mention being an accomplished novelist.

Why the senator took leave of his traditionally good judgement and agreed to be on our program is a bit of a mystery, but we are very honored that fortune smiled upon us.

Mr. Hart talks with us about the climate of political discourse, his relationship with Hunter S. Thompson--and his novel, Durango. Available on Amazon.

Just listen via the complimentary player below, or click this link right here to do the "Save As" thing and download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.



The Girls Versus Trolls Podcast

horror trolls william pattison eric morse elske mccain ben santiago rebekah herzberg allison grace
The lovely Allison Grace joins the show for the first time, as she and our very good internet friend Rebekah Herzberg discuss the history of harassment they've received from some VERY weird, very out of line internet trolls.

We'll have plenty of talk about a guy who actually is claiming to have worked on the script for Star Trek 2 and 3. And a women who got mad at her boyfriend, destroyed her kitchen, then videotaped it and put it on YouTube.

Plus, Tom'll talk about HIS internet stalkers--ahead of a gigantic podcast about them next week.

It's a really koo-koo for Coco Puffs episode.

Just listen via the convenient player below, or click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment via your iPod or media player of choice.



The Extremely Late Christmas Podcast

extremely late christmas podcast jimmy duvall convoy and the cattlemen chuggin monk
OK, so the star of Bethlehem is now somewhere over the Isle of Yap. We're running a little behind because the show is EXPLODING.

But, we're ready to finally unleash this audio from December. It features The Lightning Round, pretty girls, Tom's views on air hockey & romance, plus the always interesting Mr. Jimmy Duvall.

Sadly, Tom will announce why he's not doing any more DFW music-based shows. Plus, big numbers on the show's growth. And Tom will pontificate about things like Jimmy Duvall's famous entrails kick.

Listen to this one FAST! We've got another horror troll podcast comin' right down the pike!

Just listen via the convenient player below, or click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.



The First Ultimate David Letterman Article

david letterman scholarship tom gulley
Well, the big announcement came down last week and everyone’s still getting used to the idea. David Letterman’s closing down the circus in 2015.

So like most people across this great big beautiful land of ours, you’re probably asking yourself the crucial, intruguing question about this milestone titanic shift in the entertainment landscape:

“How will all this affect Tom Gulley?”

As the first recipient of the David Letterman Scholarship--I, too, have been wrestling with this question since the stomach-churning, world-shattering annoucement that Dave would no longer be doing his hugely successful show. Which was also the simultaneous moment of realization that my three decade long coat-tail ride was nearing an abrupt end.

But don’t worry. I’ll be OK. I just have a few things to get over.

WAY less undeserved instant notoriety. Don’t know if you’ve ever spent 30 years getting a major boost at parties and group gatherings from being associated with a famous entertainer, but if you ever get the chance you should do it. It’s a rush. Even the most successful insurance salesman, plumbing supply rep, or blind proctologist at the party will fall by the wayside after a Dave mention.

No more trips to NYC to see the show. Actually, I’ve only been to the show once. Way back in ’86. And I LIVED 45 minutes away from the Ed Sullivan Theater for a year. But the notion that I could rip myself away from marathons of The Rifleman and Due South to visit the show and impress my girlfriend du jour was always comforting in a procrastinatory way.

Having to say “David Letterman. He was a talk show host” to the help in whatever nursing home I end up in. Increasingly, the younger and less aware population in this country has lost touch with the awesomeness of Mr. Dave Letterman. It’s like watching Wilt Chamberlain in his last game. He’s still the best ever, but because he’s been doing it forever and he was so incredible at the start, his brilliance and longevity start to seem blasé to some in the World Of Snark circa 2014. I’m sure I’ll have to explain this to someone feeding me oatmeal in the 2030’s.

No more invitations to party with the first Paul Shaffer Scholarship winner. Little known fact: All the first scholarship winners of famous entertainers have a secret society. The first Bruce Willis, Huey Lewis, Madonna, Katie Couric, and Howie Mandel scholarship winners and I are not known as The Brat Pack Lite any more, but we still manage to get together and talk about how far short of our benefactors’ accomplishments we’ve all fallen.

Not being able to watch my idol & benefactor any damn night of the week. I imagine that, inside the home of the guy who owns the company that makes the finest caviar in the known world, they don’t have caviar very often. Kinda how I view the Letterman show. Took it for granted. Now, I only got a year’s more caviar there in the fridge Monday thru Friday any time I please. And, I’m sorry, Jimmy Fallon ain’t caviar. He’s more of a really good Hot Pocket.

Very little time left to become famous enough to be ON Letterman. (And forget any chances of getting on the writing staff because I didn’t go to Harvard.) OK, I realize I could do something actually worthy of being on Letterman. I could be the subject of an internet meme, or I could marry Julia Roberts, or I could learn to make shadow puppets of Abe Lincoln with my tongue. But we all know Thomas Gulley miraculously being endowed with the skills to achieve those uberlofty heights is a big laugh. A big, sooty, smoky, sarcastic laugh from your aunt who inhales Camels and talks like she's gargling a loogey. So, unless there’s a “March Of The Letterman Scholars” on The Late Show, it’s kinda moot.

Becoming more of a relic at Ball State University. Ever been to a small town when they roll out the oldest surviving veteran of WWII? Yeah, that’s how I feel sometimes when I return to the Harvard Of The Midwest. I have socks older than those kids.

There’ll be articles to follow on all the aspects of The Letterman Thing. After all, I’ve got a year or so. Which doesn’t sound that great considering it took me 30 years to graduate from college.

Tom Gulley (recipient of the David Letterman Scholarship) is an award-winning writer, broadcaster, and journalist who regularly creates brilliant communications for some of the world’s biggest companies. Especially the ones you admire. He’s available for writing, creative strategy, digital communications, talk show hosting, voice talent work, kid’s birthday parties, and free 24-hour Martinizing. And his name never fails to get a big laugh when mentioned in small groups at parties.


The Crazy Horror Trolls Podcast

crazy internet horror film trolls cyberbully cyberharrass elske mccain rebekah herzberg william pattison eric morse tom gulley podcast
Hooboy. There's off your rocker and then there's the crazy horror film internet trolls.

As we gear up for the Texas Frightmare Weekend, we discuss some rampant internet trollery and general kooky behavior on the part of a horror film actress.

We'll hear her come totally unglued over...conditioner. Then, we'll talk about the long list of people being trolled. Having their addresses and phone numbers published. Being impersonated. And lots of other things.

Join us with some real life audio--and our good internet friend Rebekah Herzberg!

Just listen via the convenient player below or click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.