The LA Trip Part 1 Episode

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Our trip to The City Of Angels was just too much fun to contain in one podcast.

So, we're doling them out with an eyedropper. That way, nobody overdoses on one big, giant bulldog podcast.

While we were in LA, we were on BroadScasting, and also got an unexpected invite to Outlaw Radio with Matt Alan and his Demons Of Decadence. (Which presented an equally unexpected but totally enjoyable snarky hipster smackdown.)

But, in THIS podcast, we'll hear from a babbling stranger, plus we'll enjoy Linette Miller's thoughts on sushi, bleachy head, and more as we lead up to clips from BroadScasting on our NEXT podcast.

Just listen via the convenient player below, or click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.


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