2/14/13 TGS LIVE! Valentine's Day Special With Mark "Married Five Times" Allen Atwood

Mark Allan Atwood has to be buying wedding rings in
bulk now, right? Like by the big ol' sackful? Or does he
just get 'em out of the gumball machine at the grocery store?
Valentine's Day means love to most people. And so does marriage. It means commitment. Honesty. Devotion.

But to the guy who psychotexted me thirty straight unanswered times, it means something more. Like telling five women "You're the one for a lifetime."

That's right. In response to some online squabbling, on tonight's podcast we imagine what our interview with Mark Allan Atwood MIGHT have been like.

Just listen to the convenient player below, or click here to do the "save as" thing and download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.


  1. Tom Gully is a piece of shit.

  2. Bet you didn't approve that truth.

  3. Just so you know Tom, MAA is a former managing editor and has as many friends in the newspaper business as music business. Just so you know his name is spelled Mark Allan Atwood not Mark Allen Atwood, moron. So instead of having some funny spoof you have gone out of your way to hurt a human, musician and general all around good guy.

  4. Folks, the "Anonymous" guy from back in March is actually--by his own admission--Dennis Phillips. PsychoText helper and newspaper publisher.

    Really great journalistic habit of ANONYMOUSLY posting profane things because his widdle fwiend's feewings were hurt BECAUSE SOMEONE CALLED HIM OUT ON HIS PSYCHOTEXTING.

  5. The first time I heard this podcast I went ahead and bought the T Shirt.

    After 9 months, both the podcast and the shirt stand tall.

    You are a very funny man Mr Gulley

    1. You like me! You really like me!

      Johnny, you are a pretty funny dude yourself. If you guys wanna laugh your rear end off and actually learn a little something, visit the Tate LaBianca Radio Program.

      Then, visit their chat room during the show and just bask in the chat. Johnnyseattle is extremely funny. In a "making fun of Charles Manson" way.

      Ask about Cutter.


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