The 2013 Gene Keady Legacy Golf Photo Album!

Keady Scholarship Golf Outing
Despite the fact that tornadoes ripped through the area the night before, the 2013 Gene Keady Legacy Golf Outing yet again provided fun and sportsmanship.

But, most importantly, the Coach again helped raise funds for college scholarships.

After the golf, Coach Keady spoke to a crowd at the Honeywell Center in Wabash, Indiana.

His speech, quite simply, was amazing. Unforgettable.

Finally, the Coach had breakfast with five players from his first high school coaching job. And, Tom was lucky enough to be a fly on the wall. With a camera.

The stories were both plentiful and hilarious.

Here's how to get the photos:

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3. Then, click on any photo you'd like.

4. At the bottom of the photo, click "Options."

5. One of the options is "Download." Click it and you've downloaded a pic!

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P.S. SPECIAL Thanks to Tom's Aunt Sue for assisting with some great photography. (The good ones are hers. The so-so ones are Tom's.)


  1. Thanks, Mike! Nice to hear from you! Your parents, as you know, ROCK!

    Of course, in a different manner than you rock on a regular basis.


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