The NEW Tom Gulley Show Logo!

the tom gulley show logo new
BEHOLD!!!! The NEW Tom Gulley Show Logo in all its robust glory!

Before we usher in a new era of logo, let us pause in praise of the former logo. It was lovingly and refreshingly created by Mark Helton--to whom I owe such huge heaping wheelbarrow loads of thanks and praise.

The new logo has a huge story behind it. First, a hot girl was going to do it. Then, Tom got in an argument with her. So, he got ANOTHER brilliant designer, Terry Krall, to do this one.

We love it. We hope you love it. Because there's a WHOLE STORE OF MERCHANDISE on the way!

Thanks to Mssrs. Helton and Krall. I'm not worthy. And thanks to all those who weighed in on the design!!!

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