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David Kelly Austin is WANTED. There are warrants out for him. For breaking his probation on charges of prowling and loitering--amongst other things.

So, if you see the guy that thought it would be a good idea to post on the internet that I'm a pedophile? Accuse me of stalking little kids? Who used my profile pic instead of his own? Posted pics of my family? Made a veiled suggestion that he'd contact my mother and indicate I'm a stalker?

Yeah. The police want him.

But first, since Mr. Austin likes to contact my web hosting partners and threaten them with legal action, in addition to demanding a cease and desist, here's the law enforcement offices you can call to verify this:
Newton County Sheriff's Department
678 625 1400

Covington Police Department
770 786 7605

Oxford Police Department
770 788 1390

Incidentally, my web hosting folks are really awesome. And smart. All I had to do was forward all this information to them and they realized what was going on here. Thank you, Podbean! BEST web hosting service on earth!

HERE is an album on Facebook that will illuminate IN HIS OWN WORDS how this person rolls. Well, the mug shot thing isn't in his own words DIRECTLY, but he did write the script, didn't he?

Oh, and look here! It's a podcast! Thanks to our followers in Australia who wrote The Tom Gulley Song at the end. WE LOVE IT. It's a beastly thing.

In short, we're not big fans of cybertrolling. Say all you want, just don't lie, don't spam my email box, and don't threaten to harass my family. My teeth, hair, and lots of other stuff are fair game. Behavior like in the photo album results in Cybertroll Kryptonite©.

Just listen via the convenient player below, or click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.


  1. Can you folks honestly believe this? "Game?" That's what trolls think harassment is.

    I was sorely tempted NOT to post this here. Because that's what the deluded and sad little cybertroll wants. Craves.

    It's almost tragic watching these guys cross line after line just to squeeze a little misery out of other people so they can feel important for five seconds.

    So, now that law enforcement is watching, now that all the folks you've been trolling have aggregated their shared exemplars? I ALREADY have a nice thick stack of YOUR OWN WORDS. Think about that for a moment.

    And you have the lunacy to think I'm playing a "game" with you. Isn't that what the last guy thought.

    Here is some good advice that I already know you won't take. Go away. Do something productive. Do anything. Because, and I guarantee you the way I guaranteed Mr. Austin--any further of your silliness will result in people finding out just what your online persona is like. With DOZENS of examples. Way more than here.

    Do not email me. Do not post on my pages. Do not interact with or contact me in any way shape or form. I will not address you again.

    (Wasted words, most likely, because I know this person is so deluded they won't take an easy way out. The gold standard for pathetic.)


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