The Dave Herman Interview

Dave Herman mixed martial arts fighter heavyweight UFC Titan arrest arrested tased video wife Madeleine DeKalb County Indiana prosecutor sherrif
Dave "Pee Wee" Herman happens to be one of Mixed Martial Arts' top heavyweights.

That's why it's ironic that he, his wife Madeleine, and their two-month old son Leo, were taken down in a traffic stop that started off bizarre--and ended up with the Titan Fighting Championship athlete being tased with his hands up, complying with a police order.

The police incident report described Dave as "aggressive." What they didn't count on was the aggressive use of a video recorder by Dave's wife.

After the Dekalb County Prosecutor's Office (call and express your opinion at 260-925-1646) released their version of events and charges, Madeleine released her video, which directly discredits the officer's accounts.

Have YOU ever been tased for a broken alternator? With your hands up? While going to kneel to the ground?

Dave Herman has--and his wife video recorded it--and you'll hear about all of it, including the STILL PENDING felony charges--on this episode of The Tom Gulley Show.

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