9 Reasons Josh McDaniels Refusing The Colts Is A-OK

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The Indianapolis Colts announced Josh McDaniels as their new head coach. Even scheduled a press conference.

Then, as we all know, Josh McDaniels said, "No, thanks."

Everyone's up in arms. McDaniels is being made out to be a combination of Benedict Arnold and Keyser Soze.

Oh, but there's a WHOLE BUNCH of reasons it's perfectly fine for McDaniels to have turned down the Colts.

1. Until a contract is signed, you ain't got nothin'.
Did Josh McDaniels actually sign a binding contract with the Colts? Nope. Until that happens, anything can happen.

Including the Colts pulling their offer.

2. The Colts issued a press release, and scheduled a press conference. Did McDaniels?
The Colts, before they had a signed deal, and a guy in Indianapolis ready to go out to a podium, announced everything.

Communications 101. Until the deal is sealed, maybe don't announce anything. Enough speculation had gone on in the media that no announcement was necessary until The Great Unveiling.

With an official signed contract and everything.

3. The Colts organization is a dumpster fire.
Compare the Colts organization to that of the Patriots. Which one is more stable? Which one has a more immediate favorable future?

WHICH ONE HAS THE MORE STABLE OWNER? You know, one that doesn't get rid of Peyton Manning. Then, question Manning's achievements. That doesn't question Andrew Luck's mental toughness. The same Andrew Luck that played injured--and is now suffering from doing so.

The Colts announced how many times that Luck would play last season? Oh.

4. This happens every day, in every profession, in every place on earth.
A office supplies salesman in Ames, Iowa gets an offer from a competing firm. He accepts.

His current boss finds out and sweetens his deal in order not to lose him. He calls up the competing firm and tells them, "I've changed my mind."

Nobody blinks an eye. It's as common as dirt.

The owner of the most successful franchise in the last two decades came up with more money, and assurances of a future. That's stability. That's not the unknown.

McDaniels did what was best for him, in his mind, professionally and personally.

Like many would.

5. The desire to get another Super Bowl after losing one.
There's a case to be made that if the Patriots win the Super Bowl, it's a lot easier to leave the team, city, and people McDaniels experienced so much success with.

But that didn't happen. Now, circumstances have changed. Now, there's a bitter taste. One that might also motivate someone to stay and right that "wrong."

6. Andrew Luck, his shoulder, and the Colts' fog of misinformation.
If you're going to a team with a 100% healthy Andrew Luck, that's one thing.

If you're going to a team with a hasn't-played-in-a-season Andrew Luck, that's entirely another thing.

Plus, the Colts have been claiming for months upon months that Luck was just about to play. Then, this past weekend, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Luck's shoulder may need MORE surgery.

That wouldn't change an offensive specialist's mind about going to the Colts? Luck is arguably the biggest draw for going there in the first place.

7. Family.
Josh McDaniels has a family. And, as anyone can attest, family issues are fickle things.

At the end of the day, the ability to stay--for a guaranteed period of time--in one place, and keep his family in a more stable situation for more money is a powerfully persuasive thing.

We don't know how or what was expressed or discussed within his family--or when. People have epiphanies. Trials of conscience. Without a signed contract, they're allowed to indulge them.

In other words, "If I can make a better life and situation for my family, I'm not worried about what anyone thinks."

8. Jim Irsay, all by himself.
When Irsay's dad let him play at being GM? Wow. Among the worst in NFL history.

He runs Peyton Manning and Bill Polian out of town. The two people responsible for the Colts' huge successes. (How'd Manning do after he left again? Oh. Two Super Bowl appearances with one win, records shattered left and right. Because Irsay wasn't sure he could play anymore. Nice show of belief in the guy that built your franchise back from the ashes. How have the Colts fared since? Oh.)

And he replaces Polian, Caldwell, and Manning with a rookie GM, a rookie coach, and a rookie QB. All at once.

His personal life? The pills. The woman ESPN reported was Irsay's mistress and drug partner who dies in the home he bought her. The marriage he broke up that started with a Twitter contact. The questioning of Manning's achievements. The questioning of Luck's mental toughness.

You wanna hitch your wagon to that guy?

When Robert Kraft pulls you aside, offers you a sweeter deal--and an extended contract--do you think that doesn't come into play? Robert Kraft has his players' back. He has a stable, successful organization.

The choice between the two isn't even a consideration.

9. It doesn't matter that he knew some or all of this before he verbally agreed.
McDaniels had been doing this thing called "preparing for a Super Bowl" for the last month, including the playoffs. And two weeks solid for the game itself.

People are allowed to change their minds. Particularly for a better offer.

In the end, people do what is in their best interest. In this case, McDaniels did.

And the Colts' response? Well, we didn't want a guy who wasn't "committed." Chris Ballard actually said, "Just because you're the first choice doesn't mean you're the right choice."

Wow. That's from a GM. "The guy I picked first wasn't the right choice"????

Sounds like McDaniels made the right move to me. And, now that they've been jilted, sounds like the Colts think so, too.

Tom Gulley (recipient of the David Letterman Scholarship) is an award-winning writer, broadcaster, and journalist who regularly creates brilliant communications for some of the world's biggest companies. Especially the ones you admire. He's available for writing, creative strategy, digital communications, talk show hosting, voice talent work, and free 24-hour Martinizing.

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