11/7/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Adam Lazarus!

Get this incredible book by going to
ALazarus.com! Or we'll bench you.
Who hasn't suggested to a friend that the starting quarterback should be benched and that the backup should immediately take the helm?

The most legendary QB controversy of all time was, without question, the Joe Montana-Steve Young controversy during the glory years of the San Francisco 49ers.  And tonight's guest, Adam Lazarus, talks about just that.

He details the controversy in granular detail with his new book Best Of Rivals: Joe Montana, Steve Young And The Inside Story Behind The NFL's Greatest Quarterback Controversy. Adam will tell us about all the dynamics of how these two Hall Of Fame quarterbacks battled for the driver's seat on one of the league's greatest teams of all time.

Settle back as we go deep with a very talented author, Mr. Adam Lazarus.

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