11/5/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Paul Kyriazi!

To learn all about Bond...James Bond just visit
the website of our guest Paul Kyriazi.  BondLife.com!
Everybody loves James Bond. How can you not?

That's why everyone will love tonight's show. Noted screenwriter, producer, and director Paul Kyriazi also just happens to be an expert on all things Bond.

His audio book "How To Live The James Bond Lifestyle" is a veritable manual on how you can put the uber-coolness of 007 into YOUR life. Paul will tell us about the secrets of Bond's mastery of women, the casino, and overall success--as well as divulging tidbits of importance on the Bond franchise.

It's a "get ready for Skyfall" episode of The Tom Gulley Show with our special guest star, Paul Kyriazi.

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