11/26/12 TGS LIVE! With Very Special Guest Star Dave Michaels' Kidney Stone!

dave michaels kidney stone podcast tom gulley show
Tonight's another thrilling first for The Tom Gulley Show! Plus a lot of talk about a kidney stone!

We're looking into presenting the program in mp3 format for podcasting fans for a variety of reasons that all center around the convenience and enjoyment of you, our ravenous fans.

The exciting debut of this new technology carries with it an event of great majesty and excitement. The trip I took with our good friend, broadcaster Dave Michaels, to see about having his kidney stone imploded.

Yes, all that and more on this exciting episode of The Tom Gulley Show! Just listen to the convenient player below, or click HERE to download it by doing the "save as" thing so you can put it on your iPod or other media player!

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