12/14/12 TGS LIVE! Mark Ireland Revisited--Author Of Soul Shift!

mark ireland soul shift
The holiday podcast re-gifting continues as we enjoy our talk with author Mark Ireland all over again. Yes, we're re-podcasting our favorite interviews of 2012.

We'll talk to Mark about his amazing background. Being the son of a renowned psychic to the stars, the tragic death of his own son, and his search for truth and meaning that led him to writing the book Soul Shift: Finding Where The Dead Go--and even being part of a Discovery Channel documentary on the paranormal.

You'll find Mark an articulate, informed, and unbiased observer on questions involving the afterlife that have captivated mankind for centuries. Big thanks to Mark for being on the program--and get Soul Shift. A great gift for the holidays.

Just listen to the convenient player below, or click here and do the "save as" thing to download the podcast and load it onto your iPod or media player of choice.

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