The Gun Culture Episode

gretchen martens homeward deployed
Seconds after the heartless acts were committed in Newtown, Connecticut's Sandy Hook Elementary, shots started firing from both sides of the gun control issue.

One side shouting that no guns are necessary for civilians in the US--except for simple bolt-action target plinking and hunting. One side claiming that the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment is about fighting governmental oppression--and they should be able to own a nuclear weapon.

The solution to the problem isn't gun control. At least not gun control alone. But rather than engage in chest beating, we found an articulate, open-minded, and informed expert on the subject.  Gretchen Martens of Homeward Deployed.

Her knowledge will impress you. Her intellect will captivate you. Her articulate statement of her beliefs will impress you. And her incredible speaking voice will make Tom seem like Mr. Haney from Green Acres.

Just listen to the convenient player below, or click this link to do the "save as" thing to download the podcast and load it onto your iPod or media player of choice.

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