The Jeff Hopson Interview

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Two years ago, we got to hang out with Jeff Hopson in the lavish Tom Gulley Show studios. And we covered just about everything.

Including Jeff's discussion of starting his new CD project--Heretic--which has recently been completed.

As well as getting to enjoy two LIVE cuts of tracks on Heretic (an INCREDIBLE collection of songs--buy it at CD Baby) we covered left handed guitars, Johnny Cash, early Aaron Tippin, the worst song Jeff's ever written, things named Lucille, and lots of Sling Blade.

Don't miss a chance to check out gifted singer/songwriter Jeff Hopson. And pick up his new CD or people will look at you funny.

Just listen via the convenient player below, or click this link right here and do right click "Save As" thing to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.


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