The Ronny Spears & Friends Episode

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Back in October of 2012, Ronny Spears put on a big benefit for his Aunt Sue up at The Cowboy Club in Van Alstyne, Texas.

And a star-studded lineup of Texas music stars came out to pitch in. It was an incredible night--filled with great friends, great music, and great times.

More than anything, it was family. Because that's what the Texas music community is.

And, the family lost one of its favorite brothers this week. So sit back, listen to some people swap some stories and play some great music. And listen in to the love and respect everyone had for the late great Ronny Spears.

Just listen via the convenient player below, or click this link right here and do the "Save As" thing (right click) to download the podcast for enjoyment on your iPod or media player of choice.


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