7/13/12 The Daily Nothing-Friday The 13th Edition

The Daily Nothing, partnering with The Tom Gulley Show,
would like to remind you that ALL BUGS MUST DIE!
This is just one of a billion reasons why.
On this very special Friday The 13th Edition of The Daily Nothing, the obligatory Justin Bieber story (because what is unluckier than Justin Bieber?)

Sprinkle on a topping of poisonous scorpion and spider pizza, an NFL player failing a drug test for using non-human urine, Penn State using poor TV remote manners and you've got another shining episode of The Daily Nothing.

Thanks again to all those folks who came out to the Pat Keady Memorial Golf outing.  It was great meeting all of you!

And, DO NOT MISS tonight's episode of The Tom Gulley show featuring the incredible Ed Robertson--TV historian of the highest order and--author of MAVERICK: Legend Of The West!

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