7/17/12 TGS LIVE! From Ball State

One of these guys is a prolific film historian and author.
The other guy is not. (The gigantic lunkhead is a pretty
good bet to be the guy who is NOT.)
A wonderful day with some incredible people. Plain and simple as that.

We reminisce about how Tom was as a student with two of his former professors. We talk with a former classmate who's now a broadcast journalist of note. And, there's a special Ball State edition of Tom's Mailbag.

It was a great pleasure to see Nancy Carlson, Wes Gehring, Dom Caristi, and Tim Pollard today. It'll be an even bigger pleasure to see them after Saturday when I'll officially be legit.

Tomorrow--VIDEO from both the Pat Keady Golf Tournament and today's visit to Ball State! Plus audio from my trip to Alumni Day back in October.

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