It's Here! The Debut Of The Tom Gulley Show Podcast!

All 152 of The Tom Gulley Show
logos have expressed unbridled joy.
Well, that day we've all been longing for is finally here.  It's the maiden voyage of The Tom Gulley Show Podcast!

You're not dreamin', daddy-o.  Every week, you can hear the best of The Tom Gulley Show and The Daily Nothing. Boiled down to a convenient podcast.

That's right! Now you can take The Tom Gulley Show to the grocery store! Or the laundromat! Or to a Greco-Roman wrestling tournament! You get the idea. Anywhere you go--even places you don't want to go--The Tom Gulley Show Podcast can go with you.

In our very first podisode, Chris Gore from G4's Attack Of The Show (and his entire interview) takes center stage in a very special The Tom Gulley Show Podcast! Future shows will be snippets and edited down interviews that we like to think of as the "filet" of our programming--but trying to edit Chris Gore is like trying to keep Bristol Palin away from a TV camera.

Now awaiting iTunes approval, it's The Tom Gulley Show Podcast!

Just "Save As" when you click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE. Or listen to our complimentary embedded player.

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