7/13/12 TGS LIVE! With Very Special Guest Star Ed Robertson-Author of MAVERICK: Legend Of The West!

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If you love Golden Age television, you're going to be thrilled to hear Ed Robertson, host of TV Confidential and author of insightful, comprehensive books on television.

Among them are Thirty Years Of The Rockford Files, The Fugitive Recaptured, and The Ethics Of Star Trek.

And now, the second edition of MAVERICK: Legend Of The West. Containing over 100 additional pages of interviews, photos, and accounts of this very influential television series.

We'll talk to Ed about Andy Griffith, Ernest Borgnine, the cancellation of Awake, and of course his book on Maverick. If you've never seen Maverick--but love The Rockford Files--check out this show! As Ed so succinctly put it, "If there's no Maverick, there's no Rockford Files."

And, like all things Golden Age television or television in general, ED WOULD KNOW.  Trust me. He is an unimpeachable source of immediate knowledge on any subject regarding any and all television programs.

Please enjoy this enlightening interview with Ed Robertson! Expert on all things television, and all things James Garner.

Just listen to the convenient player below, or do the "save as" thing to download the podcast and load it onto your iPod or media player of choice.

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