9/14/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Photographer Melissa Arnold!

Melissa Arnold doesn't just capture people with her
camera. She gets to know the artists--like the incredible
Dale Watson--so she gets their true spirit. Don't believe us?
Just watch the show, and you'll be a believer.
Tonight's an absolute music lover's dream.

Because tonight, we're talking with Melissa Arnold of Texas Red Photography. She serves up visually stunning eye candy plucked from the heart of the Texas music scene.

Whether it's an album cover, a cool shot from a live show, or something from Lee Harvey Oswald's jail cell, Melissa takes pictures that make you glad somebody invented the camera.

So, kick back and enjoy a show that's really more a coffee table book with some audio thrown in.

Enjoy our talk with--and the great photography of--the very talented Melissa Arnold.

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