9/6/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Tom McElvain of The Dirty Pesos!

Run out and get Whiskey Angel, the new release from
The Dirty Pesos. Check out DirtyPesos.com NOW!!!
It's no secret by now.

I moved to Texas in 2000 and fell in love with the whole damn state.

But especially the music. The people who make it. And the people who love it.

That's why tonight's show is so special.

We get to talk with an artist I've admired for quite a while, Tom McElvain. And how did Tom make things even better? If such a thing is even possible?

He assembled a true Texas music power group and they're called The Dirty Pesos.

Tom talks with us about his musical influences, his evolution as a singer-songwriter, the birth of the band, and of course the new CD--Whiskey Angel. Not to mention the hot single off the album, Looking At You.

Sit back and enjoy a truly gifted man as he talks about his new collaboration with the massive talent assembled in The Dirty Pesos.

Once again, ya gotta let this baby buffer, and you'll be fine.

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