9/7/12 The Tom Gulley Show LIVE! With Tom's Mailbag

Ask Tom your question by being a part of Tom's Mailbag.
Just email Tom@TheTomGulleyShow.com.
First, we talk about a few show details.

Then, we go into the very popular segment--Tom's Mailbag! You can submit YOUR question by email to the show by looking at at really pretty email address to your left. Under the picture. Yeah. There. Below the special delivery stamp. You can't miss it. It's pretty obvious. Only a viewer of Jersey Shore could be slow enough to overlook it.

And then, we ambush call an incredibly good friend--my buddy Nate! An incredible radio producer and music expert without parallel.

It's a stormy evening outside the temporary studios of The Tom Gulley Show, so get ready to ride the storm out and enjoy!

Plus, take a minute to review the great shows this week--the Viewer Advocate show, our visit with Mark Racop of FiberglassFreaks.com who builds replica 1966 Batmobiles, and Tom McElvain of The Dirty Pesos!

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