9/5/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Mark Racop--Batmobile Builder!

Not only will you hear how this was made,
you'll get to see Tom doing his version of the Batusi.
We've all seen it. We all want one. We've ALWAYS wanted one.

Who doesn't want a Batmobile?

Well, tonight our special guest star is Mark Racop of FiberglassFreaks.com. Officially licensed builders of replica BATMOBILES. From the 1966 series style that every red-blooded American male has drooled over for the last 45 years.

Once you listen to this interview, you will want one even more. You'll learn how the company started, their devotion to the car, the incredible detail they put into it, and even about the spy who came out and made sure they were up to par.

And we believe they are. These incredible automobiles command a price of $150,000 per car and they're worth every Bat-penny.

So sit back and listen to this special program. Don't worry. It's archived, so you can always watch any Bat Time on this very Bat Channel.

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