10/11/12 Tomorrow! Former Lynryd Skynyrd Tour Manager & Plane Crash Survivor Ron Eckerman!

Remember listening to Lynryd Skynyrd THIS way?

We're live from a place whose name we don't mention any more because I'm not crazy about the internet stream.

But the big news is that tomorrow night, we're lucky enough to have Mr. Ron Eckerman--former tour manager of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and plane crash survivor, on to tell us about everything in his new book--Turn It Up.

And, if you have a second, go back and view the blockbuster shows we've had this week! Monday-Kevin Sorbo (you know him as Hercules) was with us to discuss his book, True Strength. Tuesday-we had the audio captured from the Rowdy Friends Benefit in Van Alstyne, Texas at The Cowboy Club this past weekend. Wednesday-we had the VIDEO from the same event.

And it was chock full of Texas singer/songwriters of the highest order. Ronny Spears, Robby White, Brian Burns, Tom McElvain, Kevin Deal, Jeff Hopson, Saille Branch, Jay Johnson, Jerrod Medulla, and many, many more!

Check us out tomorrow--and give The Tom Gulley Show a LIKE on Facebook--when we have Mr. Ron Eckerman!

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