10/5/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star John David Kent!

We're goin' "Back To The Country" with Mr. John David Kent!

The new single off John David Kent's latest album is called
"Runaway" and you should run out and get it right now!
This truly versatile musician and songwriter spends some time with us discussing his musical background, songwriting philosophy, and the nature of facing his recent vocal surgery. Rest assured, if vocal surgery can make a voice sound this powerful and unique? I'm signing up for it tomorrow.

Of course, we'll follow up this interview with Monday night's show. Our special guest will be Kevin Sorbo of Hercules, Andromeda, Kull The Conquerer and more. He'll share the inspiring story detailed in his book, True Strength.

But tonight, get ready to get down with the guy who never fails to entertain.  John David Kent.

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