10/17/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Chris Dodds-Formerly With Two Tons Of Steel!

Two Tons Of Steel with fans--in happier times.
Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

And, equally as sadly, a good thing came to an end recently for two members of the legendary Texas band Two Tons Of Steel.

Chris Dodd, the band's former drummer, wrote a raw, open, and honest account on his blog this past week, as he and longtime guitarist Dennis Fallon are no longer with Two Tons. He's been kind enough to share his account of what happened with us on tonight's program.

It's a long episode. An emotional one. Telling a story Chris wanted the band's fans--and the friends he'd made over the years--to hear. If other band members would like to tell their side of the story, they're welcome to do so on our program any time they wish.

Plus, we'll get to hear two pre-release cuts from an exciting project from John Boyd!


  1. This is a long winded retelling of a common tale band break up?! Thanks for wasting my time.

    1. The Tom Gulley Show wishes to express its sincere apology to Steve Langford for wasting his most precious and highly sought after time.

      We also apologize to the people of Earth for taking Steve away from that cure for cancer he's just five minutes away from. Oh, and his solution to the crisis in the Middle East. And, yes, the machine capable of time travel he's building in his garage.

      Of course, The Tom Gulley Show's post on tonight's show indicated that it was the story of a band's partial disintegration, and that it was a long interview, but this may have escaped his supergenius intellect due to the fact that some of the words had more than one syllable.

      Thanks for stopping by, Steve. Don't feel the need to hurry back.

      And again, please accept our apologies. We are most heartily sorry that you can't read.

  2. Thanks to Chris Dodds for telling his side of the story. I have a lot of respect for Dennis Fallon and Chris Dodds - even more so now. In my opinion - Rhodes always acted stuck up and not at all friendly at the shows.


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