10/24/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Jeff Hopson!

Make Jeff a friend on Facebook, then
make him a friend at one of his shows.
You can thank me later.
Jeff Hopson is a BADASS singer-songwriter.

Sure, that's my opinion. But that's also a direct quote from Tom McElvain of The Dirty Pesos, and who's gonna argue with that.

Jeff spent a Sunday over at the home of my good friends Kurt & Andi--interviewing in the palacial Tom Gulley Show studios--and sharing some songs on the back patio! And you'll hear BOTH on tonight's show.

Jeff will talk about playing in a band with a young Aaron Tippin, his time in Nashville, the Shroud Of Hopson T-shirt, and the Slingblade-Fests that break out at Denny's all over North Texas.

Please welcome a brilliant and unique artist--and someone I'm proud to call a friend, Mr. Jeff Hopson.

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