10/30/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Horror Author/Actress Rebekah Herzberg!

Don't be afraid. It's just our guest,
Rebekah Herzberg. Check her out at
Tonight, on the eve of Halloween--horror author/actress/model Rebekah Herzberg!

Rebekah will talk with us about the horror genre, her devotion to VHS, true crime writing, her role as a judge at the Laginappe Film Festival, whether she's a nerd, and a whole lot more!

Plus, I'll discuss some whackjob texting and other unprofessional behavior directed toward me by a Texas musician named Mark Allan Atwood. And we'll pose the question: Liar or Moron?

But mostly, tonight's all about all things covered in blood with the lovely and talented Rebekah Herzberg. Scary talented.

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