10/2/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Ronny Spears!

The answer to all my prayers. our guest Ronny Spears
has teamed up with Robby White to form a true
honky tonk juggernaut.  Go to White-Spears.com!
We're so blessed on this show it isn't even funny.

Legendary Texas performer Ronny Spears is with us tonight. He'll talk about that unbelievable benefit going on at The Cowboy Club in Van Alstyne, Texas this Sunday. It's from 2pm to 8pm and it features a staggering lineup of Texas talent--and all the proceeds go to benefit Ronny's Aunt Sue "Ain't Sue" Hulon.

Brian Burns, Jerrod Medulla, Cody Jinks, Kevin Deal, Nate Kipp, Tom McElvain, Jerry Audley, Mark Gorman, Jeff Hopson, Saille Branch, Jay Johnson, Blacktop Outlaw, and Brian Adam Jordan will be there.

Ronny will talk to us about songwriting, the Texas music scene, collaboration--and most importantly, his new partnership with our good friend Robby White.

Tomorrow night, don't miss our interview with former presidential candidate, environmental advocate, and novelist Senator Gary Hart!

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