8/13/12 The Daily Nothing

This morning, Tom has "I've been watching the Olympics all weekend and haven't really spoken a whole lot terminal gravel voice" so bear with us.

However, he still manages to tell you about Star Trek In The Park, a wrinkled octogenarian billionaire marrying a woman less than half his age (SHOCKER there!), iconic smoochers reunite after 67 years, and a mean old Connecticut town tries to take away a little girl's cute little bunny.

And we have a SLEW of guests comin' up on The Tom Gulley Show! Russell "Hitman" Alexander, Craig "Almost Elton" Meyer, and Cas "America's Got Talent" Haley. And other big stars who are either ignoring us, or just haven't gotten our email yet.

Plus, Tom doesn't just talk the talk. He walks the walk. Because ALL BUGS MUST DIE, Tom is in negotiations to go on a few calls with a local exterminator. Stay tuned.

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