8/17/12 The Daily Nothing

I'm no genius. I'll never run for president. I'll never work for a major political party or campaign.

But I sure as hell know how to get permission to use a song.

An apparently superhuman ability which has at this point escaped the candidates from the major parties for eons.

Thus, this morning on The Daily Nothing--a rock band tells the Romney campaign to go find some Mormons to rock the house for you and QUIT USING OUR SONG!

Plus, a disabled man scoreboards Colonel Steve Austin by taking eight years and building his own bionic arms, a hipster coffee shop bands hipster conversation, and a man armed only with bug spray actually robs a restaurant.

Which is OK with us. As long as somebody is helping to kill bugs, we approve of their actions. Because, of course, ALL BUGS MUST DIE!

Tonight at 8pm EDT on The Tom Gulley Show, we'll talk with Tom Alvarez--arts and entertainment journalist. And that's just one of his hats. There isn't a hat rack big enough for the rest of them.

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