8/8/12 The Tom Gulley Show LIVE!

Tonight, it's experimentation time!

We see if Tom can actually get Skype calls! We see if Tom can show internet videos on the show! We get to talk to Tom's old advertising friend Peter Crosby without any warning!

Plus, it's time for a very special Olympic edition of Tom's Mailbag.

Learn Tom's edicts on Lolo Jones, the most stupid Olympic sports, gymnastic uniforms, Penn State University's former players suing the NCAA, Michael Phelps, and a host of other Olympic issues.

Oh, and Tom gives his feelings on NBC and tape delaying events.

Tom will also re-mention Cindy Hoye and all the other safety experts at the Indiana State Fair who are still employed after seven people died on their lack of a watch. Also, we'll see Questions With My Nephews again.

Could your Wednesday get any better? We didn't think so.

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