8/7/12 The Tom Gulley Show LIVE!

It's Indiana State Fair time!

Tom talks about the seven dead people from last year's stage collapse, the COMPLETE LACK OF A SAFETY PLAN, and how Cindy Hoye (Executive Director) still has a job.

In fact, how can she walk the fairgrounds and even look people in the eye?

Tom has produced some NEW COMMERCIALS FOR THE STATE FAIR! And, he has a Larry King interview, too!

How many people have to be dead for someone to lose their job at the State Fair? What's the over/under on that? Oh, wait. I forgot. It was an "act of god."

There were two other "acts of god" within 30 days of this one. Large open stages, big concerts, brought down by wind with injuries. Jeepers, how could ANYONE  have forseen the "act of god" in time to DEVELOP A SAFETY PLAN when they've been working there for 25 years?

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