8/14/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Russell "Hitman" Alexander

Tonight, an interview with the frontman of my favorite blues group--Russell "Hitman" Alexander of the Hitman Blues Band.

If you like the blues, you're gonna love the music. If you don't like the blues, you will after you hear it.

Go very, very quickly to HitmanBluesBand.com and immerse yourself in all things Hitman Blues Band. And, it wouldn't hurt to like them on Facebook, either. It'd be right neighborly of you.

But to get a FREE NINE SONG SAMPLER of their devastatingly wicked blues--go to HitmanBluesBand.net. 

At the ".net" site, you can sign up for their newsletter and when you do, you get that rich, luxurious, oh-so-delicious sampler featuring nine of the tastiest blues songs you've ever heard.

Then you should probably buy a couple CDs of theirs to show your appreciation.

So click away and bask in an episode that's ABOUT the blues, but won't MAKE you blue.

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