8/13/12 The Tom Gulley Show LIVE!

Well, it's another interesting trip through Tom's Mailbag!

This time, Tom answers questions about college pranksterism, asking out girls, the stigma of throwing up in second grade, story problems, fake smells, and lots more.

Also, Tom goes down the list of upcoming guests. Tomorrow night, Russell "Hitman" Alexander of The Hitman Blues Band.  Friday, it's Tom Alvarez--arts and entertainment journalist for Examiner.com. Next Monday, Craig Meyer--he's Almost Elton John, the nation's premier Elton John tribute artist! And, Texas musician Steve Helms will be on an upcoming show.  As will Greg Theakston, a legendary figure in illustration, comics, and just being a wiseacre.

All this and more from the internet's most cherished bounty of The Tom Gulley Show.

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