8/15/12 The Daily Nothing

Good morning. We have some really good nothing for you today.  Real top-notch, best quality name brand nothing.

For example, the Norwegians are whining about some gold medals. From 1904. Sheesh. Norwegians just won't let some stuff go, you know? Those vindictive Norwegian bastards need to lighten up.

Also, the leader of an anti-Semetic group finds out he's actually Jewish, and a couple tries to exorcise the devil from their children AT WAL-MART!

Finally, SHARK WEEK IS FOR PUSSIES! The real danger is COW WEEK! And we're not joking.

Tonight at 8pm EDT, Donetta Held of Crisis Cleaning--a company that specializes in cleaning up the mess at crime scenes. Wonder if she's been asked to clean up this show?

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