8/22/12 The Daily Nothing

As a public service, we'd like to know if any of our female audience is feeling a little down?

That's because, this morning on The Daily Nothing we go over a new study indicating oral sex may help cure depression in women. And we'd like to help cure the dreaded scourge of our society, the untold sex-wrecking malady of depression.

Just trying to do our part.

Plus, a body shop helps fix a gay kid's car after bullies deface it, an Oklahoma school makes a five year old change his U of Michigan t-shirt, and ESPN anchor Skip Bayless claims white NFL fans will "root for the white guy." Which, we suppose, means Skip Bayless fans will "root for the clueless guy."

And, tonight on The Tom Gulley Show at 8pm EDT, we'll have Dave Pilot of Outlaw Magazine to talk with us about the Texas music scene.

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