8/15/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Donetta Held Of Crisis Cleaning!

Last night, we had a guy on the show whose nickname is "Hitman."

So, is it any wonder that tonight we have an expert on cleaning up death and crime scenes?

We're lucky enough to talk to an expert on the subject, in fact. Donetta Held is with Crisis Cleaning, a company that cleans up meth labs, death scenes, and crime scenes. We're talking suicides, decompositions, industrial accidents, you name it.

Donna will give us the rundown on issues like protective wear, odor--and yes, no Tom Gulley Show is complete without them--bugs. Because all bugs must die. Even the ones inside of people after people die.

Yet another off-the-beaten-path interview with a unique guest providing the exclusive internet content you so desperately crave and so richly deserve.

Purell, anyone?

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