8/17/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Tom Alvarez of Examiner.com!

On tonight's show, we'll get to talk with Tom Alvarez.

I would have described Tom a little bit in that previous paragraph, but his description requires a paragraph of its own, because no mere sentence can hope to contain all his experiences.

Currently, Tom is a leading entertainment and arts journalist for Examiner.com. Where not only are his reviews masterfully written and dead on, but he manages to cover every single aspect of the arts. If it's happening in the arts word, Tom doesn't just know about it. He's there when it happens.

But he'll also talk about the rest of his background as an on-camera talent, writer, producer, and director. We'll discuss everything from James Dean documentaries to The Jim Gerard Show to early television production to Tom's all-time favorite unforgettable performances.

Settle back and enjoy an hour with the always entertaining Tom Alvarez.

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