8/21/12 TGS LIVE! With Special Guest Star Steve Helms--Of The Steve Helms Band!

Where can you find the best music, the best fans, and the best venues for hearing it all?

Nowhere but Texas, that's where. And that's also the name the song everyone in Texas knows by heart.

Steve Helms is the singer/songwriter who wrote Nowhere But Texas and we're lucky enough to have him on the show tonight.

We'll talk about Steve's musical background, the long road to his "overnight success" and lots of other things. Including Redneck Sushi.

Kick back, relax, and listen to a great guy and an even greater musician, Steve Helms.

And do the classy thing.  Go out and buy everything available at SteveHelmsBand.com. Your ears will thank you for it.

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